Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Nano Filtration

NanoCeram® is a new type of water filter media combining the proven benefits of standard pleated filters wth a breakthrough in nano-technology to create a unique filter posessing removal capabilities well beyond the scope of conventional filtration technologies.

Utilising the principle of electro-adhesion NanoCeram is capable of removing a wide range of water borne contaminants including bacteria, cysts, viruses and colloidal particles;

 Removing >99.9999% at 0.2 microns
 Removing  >99.997% at 0.02 microns  (Virus level)
Lowest Pressure Drop - Comparable to a 2-3 µ/micron filter
 Wide pH Ranges - Effective from pH 4 to pH 9
 High Dirt Retention - Up to 25 times greater dirt holding capacity
 Heavy Metal Removal - Copper, Iron, Lead, Tin


In contrast to traditional water filter technology, which removes contaminants based purely on the physical pore size of the media, NanoCeram utilises 2 to 3 micron nominal pore size to trap particles between 0.5 and 2 microns and combines this with process called 'electro-adhesion' to trap fine and ultra-fine particles down to an incredible 0.02 microns.

This powerful combination of physical filtration and electro-adhesion results in a filter with higher removal capacities, reduced clogging, minimal pressure drop and longer life, even in the presence of saline (salt water) solutions.

As a result, NanoCeram filtration capabilities extend beyond common bacteria and cysts to include;

    • Viral and bacterial microbes
    • Endotoxins, DNA, RNA,
    • Electro-negatively charged proteins
    • Sub-micron and nanosize organic and inorganic particles
High Flow Rates

The relatively large physical pore size of the media (2-3 microns) means NanoCeram filters are able to offer flow rates that are significantly higher than conventional sub-micron filtration technologies. High flow rates combined with a correspondingly low pressure drop of only 2 psi represents a major breakthrough in high efficiency, sub-micron filtration and means NanoCeram filters can be employed in wide range of domestic, commercial, industrial, laboratory and high tolerance water filtration applications including;

Desalination Pre-Filtration
Pre/Post filter to UF, MF and R/O membranes
 Point Of Entry and Point Of Use water filters
Boilers and Air-conditioning cooling towers
Food & Beverage processing
Rainwater harvesting and Grey water recycling
Pharmaceutical processing and manufacture
Municipal plant water sampling
 Biological control and defence

Key Benefits

Compared to traditional water filtration media such as membranes, hollow fibre and ultra-filters NanoCeram offers significant performance benefits including;

 Lower operational costs achieved from reduced maintenance cycles
 Lower power consumption due to lower pressure drop profile
 Improved water recovery and recycling rates
 Reduced chemical inputs
 Reduced maintenance and replacement cycles


These unique benefits now extend to high performance chemcial adsorption with the NanoCeram Pac® range of filters.

NanoCeram Pac incorporates a fine carbon powder that is electrically bonded to the surface of a NanoCeram filter. This electro-adhesive bonding eliminates the need for the glues, binders and adhesives found in ordinary carbon filters and leaves 100% of the available carbon free for chemical adsorption.

To find out more about the exciting range of NanoCeram® and NanoCeram-PAC nano-filtration products and applications please select a link in your area of interest.


NASA Minimize

NanoCeram® was developed to recycle drinking water on spacecraft and was shown to remove >99.9999% of viruses More....


NanoCeram-PAC™ Minimize

Sub-micron NanoCeram® filtration plus ultra-efficient chemical removal power. NanoCeram-PAC is the new standard in carbon filtration. More....


Domestic Applications Minimize

A NanoCeram® equipped filter will allow you to experience complete 'water peace of mind' with virus level filtration and superior chemical removal in an easy to install, cost effective cartridge.

Reverse Osmosis Minimize

NanoCeram® technology reduces membrane maintenance, bio-fouling and operating costs while increasing recovery rates and extending membrane life. It is a must have technology for domestic, commercial and industrial water applications.


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